We are a very friendly and active association of hobbyist beekeepers in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire and surrounding areas.  We are a branch of the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association and we are affiliated with the British Beekeepers Association.


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If the answer is Yes! then our new beekeeper courses may be just what you want.  From start to finish they are aimed at turning anyone into a new beekeeper, and by the time you finish the course you will know enough to start  keeping your very own colonies of honeybees.


We are open every Wednesday evening 6-30pm to 9pm and the second Saturday of each month 10am to 12 noon.


The apiary is open for beekeeping banter, tea, coffee, biscuits and beekeeping supplies.  Pop down and see us and have a natter.  Visitors always welcome....

Summer Improver Sessions and Master Classes

During the summer, we hold training sessions for beekeepers of all levels of experience at our Temple Newsam apiary on a Wednesday evening.  Click here to view the calendar to see what is happening, or see the courses page.

Here at LBKA we encourage all of our members to sign up to BeeBase.

BeeBase is the website of the National Bee Unit and by signing up and registering your apiaries you will be helping to effectively monitor and control the spread of serious honey bee pests and diseases.  You may also be able to arrange an apiary visit from your local inspector who can provide the comprehensive help and advice you may need.

BeeConnected is a nationwide initiative that provides a more efficient and effective way for farmers to inform beekeepers of their intention to apply an insecticide. If you register your hives, then you will be informed by email if a local farmer intends to treat their crops.  Click here for further information.

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