On a computer, login to your google account (unless you can work out how to merge a google calendar with your calendar elsewhere, these instructions assume you have a google account)

Click on the apps icon, (looks like a rubiks cube near the top right) and then click the Calendar icon

You should now see your calendar


Down the left hand side click Other Calendars, and in the box where it says "Add a friends calendar", enter "leedsbeekeeping"

The LBKA calendar will now display together with your own calendar, and if you sync your calendar with your phone it will also sync the LBKA calendar.

To sync the calendar with your mobile device will depend on the calendar app you are using on your phone. Provided that you can work out how to sync your google calendar, you will also be able to sync the LBKA calendar.


First you need to add your google account to the phone. On my android phone under Settings, Accounts, add your google account to the phone.

Then within the Calendar app select the Calendars to display, and there should be a tick box for both your calendar and the leedsbeekeeping calendar, tick both and you should see both on your phone. Click Sync and the latest changes will be brought down from the website to your phone. You cannot update the LBKA calendar by accident, so don't worry about that.