An all encompassing beekeeping course of 10 sessions spread over 7 months, with 3 practical classes in April 2021.  A fantastic introduction into the world of beekeeping.


Put on a suit and explore the inner working of a beehive and learn what beekeeping is all about in this fun session. 

Put on a suit and explore the inner working of a beehive and learn what beekeeping is all about in this fun session. 

Two intensive but fun days, a mix of theory and practice covering the entire beekeeping year


Summer Proficiency Classes

Beyond our taster sessions and introduction to beekeeping courses we offer ongoing hands-on training for members on selected Wednesday evenings and other days during the Spring and Summer.  Proficiency classes are delivered by our members.

Winter Proficiency Classes

Winter Proficiency Classes are aimed at improving or extending the various skills of the beekeeper out of the main beekeeping season.

Winter Talks

During the winter months we hold monthly, educational  talks on a range of bee related topics for our members.

BBKA Module Tutorials

Members of Leeds Beekeepers Association can attend tutorials that cover the British Beekeepers Association Modules, usually run through the winter months by the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association, free of charge.

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Contact our Education Officer below for further information on  any of the above courses


Cath Graham ​​01924 471 646  or 0788 757 3611

Whatever the level of your interest, we can help you gain access to the fascinating world of keeping bees.

Taster Sessions

Not sure if beekeeping is for you or you just want to find out a little more about beekeeping and actually try inspecting a colony of bees. If so, a taster session is for you!

Taster Sessions consist of 2 hours of hands-on beekeeping and a theory chat. You will be given a talk from an experienced beekeeper about keeping bees, where you will be able to ask questions, combined with a group inspection of a bee hive, where you will be able to ask even more questions.

After a Taster Session you might even be interested in attending one of our extensive, informative and practical bee keeping courses. 


Our Taster Sessions also make an ideal gift for someone in your life who has expressed an interest in honeybees!


Leeds Beekeepers provide bee suits/ veils and gloves for your experience

New Beekeeper Courses

These courses are aimed at people with no prior knowledge who want  to learn about beekeeping and then if required can start keeping honey bees themselves.


Leeds Beekeepers Association offers a comprehensive range of facilities to back up a modern forward thinking association delivering hands on and theory based  bee keeping learning packages.

We also provide bee suits, veils and gloves for your training.


As part of your your fee you will become a members of Leeds Beekeepers Association and the British Beekeepers Association which will include bee keeping newsletters through the year.

Leeds Beekeepers Association members meet at our apiary at Temple Newsam every Wednesday evening from April to September.  Course members are actively encouraged to simply turn up and either just "talk bees” or get veiled up and tag along with someone who is doing an inspection of the bees there. Our weekly inspections are very popular amongst course attendees who want to cement the knowledge they have gained on our courses.

Our Weekend courses, based at our Temple Newsam Apiary, are an intensive insight into beekeeping. They also cover both beekeeping theory and practice.  Over the weekend we provide refreshments and a cold buffet lunch on both days.


Our Winter courses are all encompassing and are designed to leave you prepared to start beekeeping with your first colony in the following Spring.  They start with a hands-on practical session at our Temple Newsam apiary in early Autumn. Then you will have a series of monthly, classroom based sessions at The Newman Centre, Crossgates. These take you up to Spring, where you you will end the course with a series of weekly hands-on sessions back at the apiary. 




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