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We are a very friendly and active association of hobbyist beekeepers in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.  

Beekeeping Supplies

Our shop is now open to members every Wednesday evening and every second Saturday of the month, for both click and collect and walk in purchases.

Members can order click and collect items  by clicking here.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation, which will include a pick-up time - our system automatically offers you the next available slot - we can't control this. If the slot doesn't work for you please contact us and we will adjust to suit. 

Please aim to arrive around the time shown.

As part of the online system we use you may receive an "Order in progress" and/or an "Order ready for Pickup" email, don't wait to receive these before collecting your order - if your order isn't going to be ready around the time shown on your original order email we will be in touch with you in advance.

Temple Newsam Apiary

Web Collect

Manage your membership details, book tickets for events etc here


Here at LBKA we encourage all of our members to sign up to BeeBase.

BeeBase is the website of the National Bee Unit and by signing up and registering your apiaries you will be helping to effectively monitor and control the spread of serious honey bee pests and diseases.  You may also be able to arrange an apiary visit from your local inspector who can provide the comprehensive help and advice you may need.

Click here


BeeConnected is a nationwide initiative that provides a more efficient and effective way for farmers to inform beekeepers of their intention to apply an insecticide. If you register your hives, then you will be informed by email if a local farmer intends to treat their crops.  Click here for further information.

LBKA Nuc Sales

Typically new beekeepers starting out, or more experienced beekeepers looking to expand start with  a small, "nucleus" colony of bees, referred to as a "nuc"  of bees.

We offer quality nucs for sale at a reasonable price, sourced from experienced members.

This opportunity is only available to association members and thus members will need to log in to Webcollect to view further details.

Please click here

BBKA Membership Number

Being member of Leeds Beekeepers Association means you are also a member of the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association (YBKA) and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).

If you need to find out what your BBKA membership number is, use this handy link

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Get In Touch

Thanks for getting in touch! We will respond to your message as soon as we can.

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