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Inspiring The Next Generation

Andy Gowdy and Cath Graham recently entertained 350 children at Atherton Community Primary School in Sherburn in Elmet. A series of 6 presentations throughout the day introduced the children to beekeeping and the value of bees to the environment; this was followed by hands-on activities - dressing up in bee suits, participating in honey tasting and, most exciting of all, viewing the bees in the observation hive.

The children had been studying bees throughout the week, the LBKA participation was requested to consolidate the facts on bees taught by their teachers and to provide an insight into the activities within a hive. It certainly seemed to excite the children, the level of chatter was deafening as the children eagerly moved from one station to the next. Some were very keen on the honey, even asking for more.

Comments on Facebook were very positive:

"Thanks for the best lesson ever!"

"My boys loved it, they spoke non-stop about it"

"Both of my children (aged 4 & 7) loved finding out about the bees - have also been talking about them all weekend"

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