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Beekeeping At The Church

The connection between bees and religion is well known. For instance, there are many examples of stained glass depicting bees and beehives, and bees and honey feature in many religious texts. I'm keeping bees at a local church who have been kind enough to allow me to keep bees in their grounds, in exchange for some honey to sell.

To raise awareness of the Church's bees, the importance of bees in general, and the hobby of Bee keeping, I had a stall at their summer fete.

On 1st July, St Peters Church in Birstall opened their doors for their annual fayre. Along with all of the other stalls, there was plenty of interest at the bee stall. There was a full hive, complete with images of bees on the brood frames, bee keepers tools, bee suits and plenty of other educational materials. I also created a "throw the bee in the flower" game for a pound a go in exchange for a prize if the bee stays in the flower. People of all ages had loads of questions, curious about everything bees and the art of bee keeping. I also donated a "Bee Keeping Experience at the church" as a prize to the church raffle. The day was a great success and there was plenty of interest in the bee stall. All together the event raised over a thousand pounds for the Church's charity.


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