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Countryside Live - May 2018

Countryside Live, an agricultural fair for children, took place on Wednesday and Thursday 23rd & 24th May on the Ledston Estate, near Castleford thanks to support from the Wheler Foundation, (a charity encouraging agriculture, forestry and rural industry for the benefit of the public), LBKA was invited to attend together with Barkston Ash beekeepers.

Countryside Learning events deliver education outside the classroom giving inner city children the chance, often for the first time, to experience the countryside around them.

A host of exhibitors were there including the Ferret World Roadshow, Ladies in Pigs – Cookery of Pork and the Red Tractor Game, Eggucation with newly emerging chicks to handle, The Bat Show, The Bug Lady, Willow Weaving, Groundwork – The Pollinator Parks, Ian’s Mobile Farm – Meet the animals, West Yorkshire Police – Wildlife Crime, Beagles, Gundogs, The Sheep Show, Environmental Explorers and many more.

Each day 8-10 classes of children from Yorkshire schools attended the Beekeeping marquee where they were given some hands on beekeeping activities- honey tasting, observing bee activity, examining the structure of a hive and dressing-up in bee suits.

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