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August Taster Day

The second successful taster day of 2018 took place on 11th August, with 53 delegates over the two sessions trying their hand at beekeeping. The forecast midweek was for a wet and windy day but, much to our relief, it changed Friday evening and we had a glorious summer day throughout. Fruit juice seemed to be the order of the day, it was just too hot for tea and coffee.

With several hives open there were plenty of flying bees, which caused a bit of a concern as numerous families with young children called to visit the apiary on such a pleasant day. Thankfully there were no incidents other than a young boy who was alarmed when a honeybee landed on his hand - he was quickly soothed with a biscuit.

The attendees went away happy with several keen to book on the Beginners course for Beekeepers, by midnight that day the 2018/19 Winter course was full!

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