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Licenced to drill......

It's official - Andy Gowdy has more gadgets than James Bond! That was evident last Wednesday evening when it was Andy's turn to give the monthly Winter talk. The subject was Beekeeping Gadgets and Andy didn't disappoint us. Andy has an engineering background and likes both manufacturing his own (he loves wooden pallets!), as well as buying interesting items when he sees them (an Oxalic Acid vaporiser attachment for a blow torch).

Andy took us through the history of his beekeeping gadget making and buying, starting with the frame holder he made to aid inspections after he had an operation on his hand. Andy had brought a great deal of his gadgets along with him and showed us both the successful (a very useful hive carrier) and the not so successful (an under-powered bee vac) .

It was a great fun talk and hopefully it inspired some of the gathered members to have a go at making a gadget or two themselves.

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