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Lip Balm Workshop

Chriss and Lesley Line of Selby BKA entertained our members on a Sunday afternoon with an excellent demonstration of the process for making lip balm using just 3 simple ingredients, an oil, a butter and beeswax. A bain-marie with a little spout at the top was a useful item of equipment to melt the ingredients without causing any damage and to pour the liquid into the little tubular containers. Each attendee took away a pack containing a lip balm block, 6 lip balm tubes and a tiny funnel to enable us to have a go at home producing or own lip balm. For those wishing to take up cosmetic production on a larger scale Chriss outlined the rather expensive procedure for obtaining a 'Cosmetic Product Safety Report' required by anyone wishing to sell their products to the public.

On display was an array of hive products prepared by Chriss and Lesley including soaps, polishes, skin balms, tinctures of propolis, firelighters made from pine cones dipped in beeswax, mead and others. We were impressed by professional standard of all the products and the wonderful packaging which turned the items into ideal gifts - we were soon reaching into our pockets to take away a few samples.

We finished the session by munching on the honey-containing foods prepared by members - thanks to all who participated.


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